In it’s fourth consecutive year, 2018’s a Summer Story Festival has only grown stronger , and is well on its way to establishing itself as one of the go-to Techno Festivals in Spain, if not Europe! This impressive shoot from humble beginnings back in 2015, to what it has become in such short time has left us gobsmacked, and craving for more. This year, close to 80,000 people attended, and we’re confident this is only the beginning of a summer story’s road to being the biggest and best.

Like many festivals, SS is situated far enough to allow for the space required for all the stages, audience, staff, and more. This wide space allows for 3 amazing stages, a few bar and chill-out areas, the Barceló Experience (a light show inside a tunnel, any photographer with a penchant for lights’ dream), and other facilities.
We recommend you take the time to organise transport before going to SS, as the queue for taxis and buses at the end can keep you there for a good couple of hours, and those resorting to taxis can end up paying 60€, which lets face it, after 2 days of partying and spending more money on booze than you would have hoped, is an unwanted expense. Although queuing for 2 hours in the early hours of the morning does give you quite the nice tan.

The price of tickets is surprisingly low, considering the caliber of most of the DJs attending and headlining , the amazing audiovisuals and light shows, the stages, the size and the experience as a whole. The ticket system worked with Tuents (from the company Tuenti). Funnily enough, the last time we heard about Tuenti was back in 2007, before Facebook.
The price was cheap compared to the majority of festivals we go to. Despite that however, Spain still maintains its’ obsession with drinking out in the parking lot like we were underaged again.

One thing common in Spain, is traffic control outside of any nightclub or festival that requires driving. As mentioned before, because transport is hard to organise, or the taxi prices are just way too high, this leaves most people in have to choose a designated driver… or worse, to drive having drank, and hoping not to get caught. We can all agree on the dangers of this catch 22. So having a campsite already solves that problem for a large number of the festival goers.

Another large benefit of this is the bonding. As you spend your few days with people going to the same place for the same reasons, you tend to leave having made at least a couple of new friends. Who would want to miss out on that? It’s at least 40% of why we go, or at least the British do.

The Barcelo Experience offered a short but still quirky light display in a tunnel, which for any photographer with a penchant for lights couldn’t be happier. Another nice little touch were the homages to the late Avicci, it was a sad but sweet reminder of his work, and the joy he brought to so many. A unifying sense of camaraderie took over, as we all respectfully listened to a couple of his best hits, as images of him were on screen.

In conclusion, if you want to be sold on this festival in little to no words we’ll say thins:
This is the new era of Techno



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