If you’ve ever wished for a snack to go with your cocktail, but it be slightly more substantial than the standard peanuts or olives, but not too filling, like a meal, then you just might find the combination that you never thought you’d crave. The Wild Pig opened its doors just over a year ago, in the bustling neighbourhood of Malasaña, in Calle Ballesta!

The menu is extensive, and has something for everyone, from the classics, to the more experimental, from sweet, to bitter, spicy and everything tasty you can think of. They are each done to perfection, from the doses to the presentation, you’ll be taking pictures before even taking your first sip. For those who don’t drink alcohol, Virgin cocktails are on offer at a lower price, so everyone can enjoy them.

The cocktails alone would be reason enough to go to The Wild Pig, but as mentioned before, there is more than one reason that makes this place loved by so many. Pizza… Now you can have any topping you want on your pizza, but if you haven’t mastered the basics, and your dough isn’t perfect, no topping will save it. TWP knows this well, and on top of that, they over over 70 different toppings, with anything from the usuals like mushroom, ham, salami, to pumpkin, cream cheese, aubergine, dried-tomato and many, many more. A portion, which is sliced in three reasonable sizes comes at 5 euros, so you can go for a filling dinner and beer if you don’t fancy a cocktail that night!.

The walls are clad in colourful art, from ripped wallpaper, to freehand, fun frames and even their own merch, combines with vintage-styled leather couches, and wooden table, giving this place a young, artsy feel, with a chic touch, reminiscent of something you would find in New York, or Soho. From high chairs at the bar, to tables and chairs, and sofas, you can eat any way you like, from more formal, to more comfy and laid-back.

The Wild Pig

The Wild Pig is already making a name for itself as one of the coolest, tastiest and hippest places to go out in Malasaña, and it’s clear to see why. They successfully manage to marry both the upscale side of cocktails, with the more casual side of pizza, bundled up with lively music, a buzzing atmosphere, and a friendly service that will make you want to stay longer than any other restaurant.