The Freelance Finder

The Freelance Finder!

the freelance finder Find Freelance Jobs Online for Free

The new platform created by an inspiring young female entrepreneur that wants to make a difference.

Being a young freelancer can be hard, work characterized by irregular hours, a struggle to get and keep clients, and money issues. … Yes, you are working hard, clients are not easy to come by, and they need to be treated well – but you have a vision of where you want to be and the commitment to make it happen. But where can you find clients?

Like the majority of freelancers out there, you rely on pages and platforms where you can create a profile and compete amongst millions of young professionals around the world for the scarce amount of projects out there.

The problem is, these pages have one thing in mind: monetizing as many aspects of your experience as possible, from paying to verify your profile, to increasing the amount of information you can upload about yourself, to even bidding, by having to buy credits… and on top of all of this, they take a percentage of the money you earn, up to 20%!

As a young freelancer struggling to make a living, how can this be anything but demoralizing? And that’s where The Freelance Finder comes into play!

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