If you’re looking for somewhere to work, or study from, without having to sign up and spend money at a co-working space, or having to find a café or bar and awkwardly sit at a small table while buying something to eat or drink every hour to avoid being kicked out, then Medialab Prado is the place. A program from the Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism of Madrid’s City Council, this enormous venue is home to permanent and temporary spaces, for those looking to study in piece, work in groups, exhibit their work, attend lectures and shows, pretty much anything to do with expression, art and a strong sense of community. Open From Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 9 pm, although on Mondays, it opens to the public from 4 pm onwards. There is also the café beside, open to the public every day of the week, LA FRANCHELA, also a great place to work from. Just make sure you bring some headphones because it can get quite loud, on account of being beside a primary school and parents bringing their kids after class for them to run around.

– A permanent space for information, consulting and encounters, attended by cultural mediators, who explain the nature of the space and connect different people and projects with each other.

– Open calls for the presentation of proposals and participation in the development of collaborative projects.

– Activities program that comprises workshops, seminars and debates, as well as the meetings of different workgroups, exhibitions, conferences and other events such as concerts and performances.

– A work atmosphere dedicated to the encounter, cooperation and exchange, where there is room for life and affects; and informality and closeness are appreciated. Medialab-Prado is a Program part of the Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism of the Madrid City Council.

Since April 2013 it is located in the Serrería Belga, one of the few industrial architecture buildings that survive in the city of Madrid. In this space workshops, open laboratories, meetings and lectures take place. The digital facade of 10×15 meters facing north towards Letras square features an interactive projects program.


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