If you were at MadCool on the last day of what was already proving to be a great festival, then Saturday was when it was unquestionably fantastic.. Throughout the day, each band performed better than we had seen them at any previous festival or concert throughout the years.. Everyone played their A-game.. except for Massive Attack that decided to be Massive disappointments by not playing.

The Loop was one of the smaller stages, but showed that size was no issue when it came to performing big. Thursday had Justice, that simply blew everyone’s mind away… Friday had Massive Attack that refused to play and turned out to be a Massive Disappointment.. but that was all forgotten by Saturday, when Polo & Pan delivered a great set. The Duo are elegant, refined, French. Pan stay behind the deck, making sure the synths were just perfect, while Polo was the showman, with his somewhat peaceful and moderate dance moves.

Playing their most known hit Nana, Canopée and other great tunes, the audience were loving it from beginning to end. Funnily enough, right after the show ended we thought why haven’t they toured more? They’re semi-known in France, but if they toured more, their fanbase would increase, we took 5 people with us that had never heard of them before, and by the end were fans. So it was a delightful surprise to see them announce two extra destinations to their 2018/19 tour, one being Barcelona, and the other Madrid.
We’re excited to see them back in Madrid, but with their own show, because if there was one con of their Madcool show, it’s that it was too short!

WHEN: Saturday 27th October 2018
WHERE: Sala Changó
METRO: Iglesia
PRICE: 23Euros
TICKETS: TicketMaster


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