The British band Palace, who first became known to the public back in 2015 with their single “Bitter”, released their second album “Life After” and showcased it at the MadCool Festival back in July. They recently visited the Spanish capital again in October in the middle of their European tour, and LocoWeekend was lucky enough to see them play at Sala el Sol. With a change in their line-up, you wouldn’t have noticed it based on how tight the band sounded on stage. A flawless performance that moved the audience and left everyone with either a smile or happy tears. Check out our interview with the band below.

First of all, we’d like to congratulate you on an amazing performance at Sala el Sol in Madrid. You guys sounded really tight and the setlist was great!
Thank you! It was beautiful to be back in Madrid. We always feel very welcome here.

Leo Wynhdam @ Sala Sol
Leo Wynhdam @ Sala el Sol

You released your second album ”Life After” back in July, what was it like making this record? Was it easier than the first? What was different?
It was hard at times making the record – as it always is. It’s a constant effort to pluck what you hear and imagine in your head and bottling that somehow on a recording. It’s incredibly challenging and satisfying at the same time.

I think in a way it was easier this time around though as we felt more confident as musicians. Making the first album was our first proper dip into recording – we weren’t really sure what we were doing OR even what we wanted things to sound like. A few years on from that has given us a whole load of confidence and knowledge as to what works for us – what sounds right and what feels right. So we went into the studio to record album II with a more solid grounding and an ability to be braver in our choices and experiment a little more. Some days in the studio you want to cry as you’ve done a guitar take 40 times and you just can’t get it right – and then other days you’ll have these incredible breakthroughs where you discover a little nugget of musical gold that transforms the song into something really special and unexpected! We love it – the feeling of that is just amazing.

What was the inspiration behind it?
Over the last few years, I’ve experienced a few incredibly life-altering things. Experiences that I’d never experienced in my life – some things that brought me to my knees and to my lowest point – but also things that made me happier than I could ever imagine. It’s through this emotional journey that we tell our story on Life After. It’s the message of hope and light at the end of the tunnel that we want to translate through the album. That even when you’re broken and think you’ll never recover – you do – and you’re better off for it. Through our lowest lows, we discover change and our highest highs.

Rupert Turner (guitar) & Matt Hodges (drums) @ sala sol
Rupert Turner (guitar) & Matt Hodges (drums) @ sala sol

Do you get inspired musically while you tour and travelling to different countries?
Sometimes. It can be hard also as you’re incredibly tired and sometimes you just want to sleep or mess around with your friends. But there are times it feels right. On the first album, I wrote ‘It’s Over’ while on tour – I remember feeling very inspired to write that. There are definitely a few new ideas we’ve gathered from the recent tour.

What’s your favourite part of playing your music live? What’s been your favourite crowd so far?
We play for the connection we feel to the crowd. To see them connecting and feeling the music and feeling what we’re feeling is just the most incredible unexplainable thing. It creates this crazy funnel of emotion going from us to them and then back to us again. We see people cry in the crowd a lot – and it’s because a song means something huge to them or that they’ve been through something similar. And for us that’s the pay off – to have a shared experience with the audience. I feel it becomes this safe space where everyone can release something and let something out through the music – including us.

Is there a favourite song you like to play?
Heaven Up There. We play it near the end of the set and it’s always a real moment. It almost feels like this church like ceremony when we play it – the silence in the crowd and the stillness is incredible.

The day your album was released, you were playing at MadCool. What was that like? that must have been a hell of an experience. Did you get the chance to see any bands play?
It was so so fun. It’s an awesome Festival and we had the best time. We fulfilled a dream and played on the stage as The Smashing Pumpkins. We grew up listening to them and weirdly our second ever gig was playing a tiny show supporting James Iha (the guitarist) at Bush Hall. Suddenly playing the same the stage at a festival you really take stock and think WOW, this is crazy that we’re on the bill with our old heroes. We feel very lucky. There was a free bar – we got very drunk and ran around and saw Black Midi, Sharon Von Etten, Iggy Pop and others. Doesn’t get much better. Hopefully, we’ll get to play it again!

If you would like to know more about the band, their music or keep track of their next gigs, check out their webpage