With so much to offer, Madrid obviously excels at the obvious things, like food, history, culture, nightlife.. But one of its best kept secrets, is the amazing live-music underworld. Nothing beats watching a band of passion and talent, play their hearts us for us to enjoy.
First of all, whatever your thoughts on jazz, seeing live is quite an unbeatable experience. The improvisation gives you something new to listen to every time, and Madrid has it’s fair share of Jazz clubs.

Sala Clamores (Calle de Alburquerque, 14) Metro: San Bernardo, is considered a must by most music lovers, and bar hoppers alike. With its spacious and open plan interior, you’ll find yourself impressed with the place and the quality of the service. Like most music venues, Clamores isn’t just purveyors of one style, but a variety, especially considering how many variations and style there are in the music world. One of the cosiest venues on our list. Check it out.

Sala Siroco (Calle de San Dimas, 3) Metro: Noviciado 
The great thing about Sala Siroco, is that you never know what you’re going to get. The acts pretty much cover all genres, from reggae, to indie, to rock, folk, pop, electro, you name it, it’s been on their stage. Divided into two floors, you might also catch a market or exhibit on their ground floor. A nice little place with a lot of musical weight.

Moe (Av. de Alberto de Alcocer, 32) Metro: Colombia
This is probably the least conventional music venue, as you’ll only have a couple of nights a week to catch a live show. They do have other reasons for a visit however, with great music always playing, and even some pool tables for those competitive friends.

The newest kid on the block is Blackbird Rock Bar (Calle de las Huertas, 22) Metro: Antón Martín. BRB is a great up-and-coming venue, making a name for itself for lovers of rock and blues. You can see their love for the style with framed pictures of some of the most influential icons of our times. A cozy place with a lot of potential, keep this one in mind.

Last but not least, probably the most adored by music lovers is La Coquette (Calle de las Hileras, 14) Metro: Ópera. In a small cave like venue, you’ll want to go there early to guarantee a space. La coquette has quite the reputation and is beloved by the music community. Don’t be fooled by the size, once the music starts, the night truly begins. Great acoustics, and great drinks, although slightly on the pricey side of things. Just stick to beer and enjoy the great music. If you’re early however, Opera has some great little places for tapas and other snacks.

Whichever you do choose, and wherever you go, make sure to go on www.locoweekend.com and leave a review for others to discover these gems of Madrid.


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