A festival putting Madrid on the map for best festival location?


Mad cool festival is a first-class music festival that primarily features performances by pop, rock, and alternative international acclaimed artists which takes place in Madrid, Spain. It is an event that draws a lot of audiences in Madrid and around the world, mainly because it does not only feature aforementioned genre of music, but also combines concerts with film, movie, photography, and food. It is a four-day event whose first edition was held in 2016. For the past two years, this festival has been one of the most anticipated music concerts in Europe, featuring most renowned Spanish rock stars. It has also brought upcoming artists into limelight. It has contributed to Europe’s vibrancy since its conception.

In 2017, the festival featured Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, and Green Day. Green Day and Foo Fighters had two and half hours to perform. 

Mad Cool Festival has garnered a lot of recognition since its first edition, and now has the support of Madrid City Council.

Different from its previous location which was Caja Magica, the 2018 edition of the festival is set to take place in the North of Spain, at Valdebebas, (the “Mad Cool Space”) which has an 80,000 capacity and 7 stages. This transition to a wider space was as a result of overcrowding, which contributed to the death of an acrobat.

The three-day event will take place from July 12 to July 14, and will feature quite a number of both new and popular artists.

Tickets for the 2018 edition had been out for sales since 5th December 2017. The GA ticket costs 150 euro; VIP goes for 400 euro; and 80 euro for Single days.


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