If you’ve ever looked for a home, a flat, an office, or you’ve simply binged watched countless home renovation shows, you will have most definitely heard the expression: “location, location, location”.
The simple reason for this is that location is everything.  A home can be demolished and rebuilt, extended, or stripped down, the one thing that never changes however is the location. A very similar thought process emerges when deciding on what festival to attend during the summer. And this is definitely not what you should do.
Let’s take the British for example, a nation of music lovers and festival goers since music began. A nation that has one of the most respected musical histories, with bands innovating and leading movements since the 60s. Music is very important to us, and so is the celebration of music. We love festivals. We are known for one of the best and biggest festivals in the world: Glastonbury.
You know, that festival where it rains, and you see videos of people dancing to Kanye in Wellington boots and anoraks, jumping in mud. We clearly don’t let the weather affect our decisions. We focus more on the bands playing and not so much location.

Barcelona Beach Festival 2016

This changes however once summer arrives. Suddenly we don’t care as much about the line ups. We pick our destination first, and it sure as hell must be by the coast! 40 degrees heat? 4 days in a tent? Let’s go to the beach! You can see how destinations like Valencia and Barcelona are sure to attract an international crowd just because of where they are. And it could be argued that this is a reason why the line-ups sometimes feel like effort is missing in attracting the biggest, freshest, youngest crowds. Take Benicassim for example, they seem to have rehashed 2007’s lineup.

But Two Festivals in Madrid seem to be revolutionising the festival scene in Spain, and putting the bands at the forefront, making you choose musical interest over geographical comfort.  You won’t even care that you’re hundreds of miles away from the coast, because you’ll be so fixated and in awe of the music. MADCOOL & DCODE have line ups that would satisfy any music goer from the late 80s till now, with genres ranging from 80’s pop, to Rock, Rap, and even the latest hit makers of the late 2010s. Tell us one festival that has not only the most famous bands of the last 4 decades, but also has room for the upcoming band. (And in Madcool’s case, a talent show for any small band that wants to have a shot at the big league in collaboration with Mahou).

DCODE FESTIVAL September 2016

This is what Festivals should be about: giving a chance to participate, offering you the best music around, taking you down memory lane with bands from the past, introducing you the the bands of the future at their inception, and all at a more than decent price. There’s only one thing missing though, an international audience to bring even more life to Madrid. Check out our weekly updates on Festivals and Concerts ahead.



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