London has always been a powerhouse for many genres, from Ska, to Punk, to New Wave, Pop and most definitely Rock’n’Roll, it is also where most techno heads go, knowing they’re in for an unforgettable night or two. Many are the places you can go for a guaranteed good night, and FUSE CLUB, a young TECHNO club-night curated by the London label GoldFangs Rosé,  has decided to share some of their awesomeness with the rest of the world.

A club needs many things to cement itself as a cherished club in the hearts of the people, but one thing stands out above all else, and that’s a philosophy. One that they live and die by, and FUSE CLUB’s has a great one. They are a constantly evolving hub of creativity, always learning and growing with the music scene that surrounds them, as to guarantee the best, never shy of changing, for the better. And now FUSE CLUB will be taking Madrid by storm on December 27th.

They’ve ​announced an end-of-year party in the Spanish capital​​, showcasing techno sets from Midnight to 6am, The line-up is TBA and will feature cutting-edge electronic music from a blend of new emerging artists, with a particular focus on local talent.

Remaining faithful to its label’s, GFR’s philosophy, the Fuse Club’s highest priority is to explore; whilst tackling prejudice and preconceptions surrounding techno music. FUSE CLUB’s purpose is to bring fresh and interesting sounds to the dance floor while embracing the richness and flexibility of the genre. They are ​constantly searching for new angles​​, p​erspectives​​ and ​ways of understanding music.​​

“It is all about creating a space where we can all learn, create, and where THE SOUND is the true protagonist. We welcome humans from all races, colours, gender identities, sexes and backgrounds to travel through the space of techno sounds with us at FUSE CLUB”.

The location of the event will be kept a secret until mere hours before the party. All that is known is the postcode (Madrid’s downtown), and the rest is revealed to whoever buys a ticket via e-mail! Reminiscent of the spirit of 90’s Raves, it all just adds to what will, most definitely be, an unforgettable night of Electronic Music and Love! If you’re excited about the news, then you’ll be happy to know that this will be one of many more to come.

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