It is no wonder why or how MadCool has become one of the most sought after, anticipated and loved festivals, not just in Madrid, but Spain, and even across Europe. Each year they surpass themselves, with bigger stages, bigger bands, bigger everything. Blessed with the hot sun of Summer, the 3 days that are on offer are a delight to lovers of music, socializing and general fun. Of course, with such expansion and expectation, there’s bound to be some complications, be it for queues, transport or accidents. But MadCool seamlessly improves and adapts, never failing to offer an unforgettable experience to its thousands of attendees and loyal fans.

Last year saw a brave expansion, nearly doubling its daily capacity of attendees, with a view to attracting more people from around the world. Although mainly successful, it didn’t come without issue. And it seems to have sunk in, MadCool have learnt from the few complaints and issues, and have decided to reduce the daily capacity, improve connections, and sending out the bracelets to international countries.They’ve stated this all comes at a cost, but a well-worth one, in order to insure as perfect a festival as possible this year.  Suddenly this festival is part of people’s festival season conversation in countries such as the UK and France! With a broad, international and eclectic line-up, it’s easy to see why. From Electro fans to hip-hop, pop, Old Rock, New Rock and pretty much any and everything in between, fans of all ages can enjoy it. 2018 was full of memorable moments, from “Queens of the Stone Age”’s frontman Josh Homme demanding the barriers to be broken for all the audience to feel like they were VIPs, to Dua Lipa bringing her fans to tears, and the finale, Underworld… bringing everyone back to the ’90s, and ending on a massive high. 2019 looks to beat 2018 with an amazing 3 days of music, fun, and food, yet again.

Combining iconic bands from the ‘80s, through to the ‘90s and to the Noughties. Thursday, which is the first day of the festival is starting off with a bang. From the folk beauty of Bon Iver’s guitar and voice to the more upbeat Vampire Weekend, and then to the always amazing Chemical Brothers, who will give the audience exactly what they know we want, playing a mix of the old classics that they’ve been banging out since the early ‘90s. Iggy Pop will surely up the ante, with an energetic punk performance, most definitely shirtless, and Noel Gallagher will be taking us high with his flying birds. This day is a very Brit Pop day, and we couldn’t think of a better way to start the event.

Friday will be highlighted by The Smashing Pumpkins, which are back after many years of internal turmoil and disbandment. WolfMother will be bringing a hard rock feel to the night with classics like Woman, and Eric Prydz will remind us all of that early 2000’s sound we all listened to, and of course, the unforgettable video clip of his biggest hit!

Last but not least…Friday. From Miles Kane to Bonobo, The 1975 and more… it’s going to be another very British day.. and what better band to end the festival, more iconic, multifarious, respected and loved, than one of the best British bands of the last 4 decades… The Cure
And to think this will all happen over the space of 72 hours is mind-blowing. So get your tickets now, before they sell out! You won’t regret it! We know we won’t.