A Summer Story gave techno lovers an absolutely fantastic experience and line-up, from day one to the very last show! MadCool brought age groups, nationalities, lovers of Grunge and fans of Pop together in an unforgettable, unifying 3 days.

But DCode was our first ever festival in Madrid, and like any first ever lover, no matter how good the others, you simply can’t compare. It holds a special place in our hearts, and with good reason! Last years Edition (2017) felt like the perfect tribute to the early noughties, bringing us back to 2006 with legendary Interpol, The Kooks, Franz Ferdinand… and although not technically Oasis, but Liam made it feel like they had never even disbanded giving the people exactly what they were wishing for.

The whole experience was smooth sailing from the get-go, easy to get in, easy to get drinks, easy to get back home after a day of musical bliss. Different to other festivals…cough cough… this one is so close to the centre, that it feels like you’re going out for a day in the park, except that park has amazing bands playing! This year will be attractive to a younger, more hip audience, with bands like Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Sidonie and The Vaccines headlining. As always, some Spanish bands will be playing, always satisfying their Spanish audience, which is why this festival is such a hit amongst locals and loved by so many.

It’s hard to argue that Madrid is already in the top 3 best festival destinations in Europe, and it only seems to get truer every year.

Price: Considering the caliber of bands playing, and the smoothness of the whole experience, 70€ is honestly a bargain!

Location: As mentioned prior, the grounds are close to the centre, and easy to get to. The ground itself feels like a park, where people can just sit on the grass, chat between gigs and meet people who share the same love for music as you.
Campus de la UCM

Disadvantages: It only lasts one day, but what a day!

We hope to see you there!


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