Albert Hammond Jr: Francis Trouble, 4th album and tour dates!

The other essential member of the Strokes, Hammond JR releases and tours his 4th Album: Francis Trouble (2018)


With his newly released album Francis Trouble, Albert Hammond Jr. is releasing his tour destinations, and we’re glad to announce that he is part of DCODE’s lineup for this year.
You instantly get Brought back to the early noughties, if you’re born in the early 90s, then The Strokes played a massive part in your musical upbringing, introducing us the hip, cool underground New York Scene, with skinny jeans, greasy hair and smoking cigarettes, you could say they were the punk band of our generation but with a more structured and melodic sound.
When The Strokes disbanded, Julian did some collaborations with other artist, trying out new styles, and Albert Hammond JR releases “Yours to Keep”. This is when I realised that Julian may be the voice and and image of the band, but Hammond was clearly the sound behind it. There’s something so pleasing about hearing a recognisable sound, especially when it’s instrument based, with upbeat bass lines and drums, with a positive feel to the whole album, guaranteeing you to smile and dance on at least one occasion. In an oversaturated market of mumble rap and electro pop, a small upbeat rock project is always welcome. We’re welcoming back 2006 with open arms.


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