Festivals are a fickle matter, they can be the biggest or the smallest, with a reputation that never dies, or a constant change in ownership and styles. Just a name of a festival can bring up all sorts of emotions and opinions from people, some seem unreachable and from another time. Who hasn’t wished they were there during that festival that people seem to talk about generation after generation (look at Woodstock and Glastonbury). Some festivals become synonymous with a style, if you want rock, you go to Glastonbury (although recently they seem to have toppled that completely by letting American rappers headline…it’s a head scratcher for sure), if you want EDM you go to Tomorrowland etc.
Now Madrid is fast becoming a highly respected candidate for best festival location, and there are a few reasons for that. Festivals like MadCool are leaving people gobsmacked with their line-ups, Dcode is becoming a must post-summer blast and in the field of electronic music, we have a Summer Story.

This will be its fourth year blessing us with line-ups that will take you down memory lane, with some founders of the style, and others will give you a taste of what the future holds. With various stages dedicated to to various styles, your ears will be captivated from the get-go. Situated in the less electro, more rock town of Arganda Del Rey (previous host to Rock In Rio), a well laid-out, spacious and practical space is put up during the days of the 22nd and 23rd of June.

One addition to this year’s festival will be the camping area, which just adds so much more practicality for those who are traveling to see it, or simply want to avoid daily commutes back and fourth.

From Food Trucks to shower heads to cool yourself down, to Medical services, bars and much more, everything is organised for you to enjoy the experience to the max. Hopefully we will be back by July with some amazing pictures and interviews for you guys to vicariously live through this year, and convince you to go next year.

For the price of admission, it’s hard to say no. Make it your weekend plan! And as usual, we love to hear what you think on our Instagram page 🙂

For Further information, visit their page, and for tickets: Summer Story Tickets


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