Would you be surprised to know that Van Gogh started painting only at 27 years of age? Back in the days when life expectancy was at a mere 40 years? How about the fact that he painted one of his most famous works of art “Starry Night” while in an asylum? And what if we told you that he wasn’t particularly liked or respected amongst any of his peers, and that he died a poor man, having only sold one painting during his lifetime? Many are the surprisingly and honestly mind-boggling facts about Vincent, the Artist who created a style so unique, that to this day, it can’t be reproduced without it instantly being linked to his name.

Some people find his art to be awe-inspiring, something never seen before, and a true master of the unconventional while still producing beautifully serene pieces through harsh, chaotic brushes.

Van Gogh means different things to different people, some remember him for the colourful starry night, some remember the dark relatability to death in “head of a skeleton with a burning cigarette”, others think of the artist who, through madness, cut off his own ear, but however way you think of him, his art was pioneering, and worth admiring in a truly unique way.

Van Gogh Alive will be in Madrid for 9 weeks, and having garnered massive amounts of praise from other cities, this multimedia exhibition allows you to walk through the life of Van Gogh. An immersive and even fun way of knowing more about the man who deserved much more than was given to him.

WHERE: Alcalá 42, 28014 Madrid Spain
WHEN: 26th December 2018- 26 February 2019


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