If you’re a fan of the Dada Movement, or it’s the first time you hear about it, Reina Sofia Museum is hosting an homage to the movement until the 22nd of October, and we recommend you check it out!

The Pop Art of the of the early 20th Century.

Being the very first conceptual art movement which shifted the artists’ focus from aesthetically pleasing objects to capsizing the sensibilities of the upper class, the Dada movement redefined the whole purpose of art itself.

Funnily enough, the movement were so non-conformist, that they even started rejecting the label of Dada itself, becoming Anti-Dada artists. Hugo Ball, the man behind the movement and cabaret was a rebel and provocateur.
It’s really something you have to see and experience yourself, you might just love it.

Reina Sofia has around 250 works on show, so you can have a nice idea of the spectrum and timeline of this Candide against the times. The art wasn’t just reserved to paintings, but also experimental art, collages, music, sculptures etc. The Pop Art of the of the early 20th Century.

WHERE: Reina Sofia Museum
WHEN: Until October 22nd


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