Arguably the most important science fiction of all time, 2001: A Space Odyssey’s influence over films can still be seen to this day! Whether you’ve actually seen the film or not, you know its references, from monkeys fighting over bones, Slow panning shots of space accompanied by Strauss, a robot refusing to take it’s human’s orders… it has been parodied and referenced everywhere, from the Simpsons, to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to The Martian, Zoolander, Star Wars, Wall-E and too many more to mention. To think it’s been half a century since its release is as mind boggling as the movie was to its audience at first viewing. Whereas Artificial Intelligence, Computers with algorithms that learn how to get better at what they do, and respond to its user are all things we live with in our daily lives and sometimes even take for granted, the idea was purely fiction to the general population back then.

2001 Odyssey

Claudia Giannetti and Telefonica bring us and a media exhibit based on this idea, with 2001 as referential point. Divided into 3 parts: The awakening of the intelligence, In the universe of the AI and The future of the intelligences and beyond the infinite.
Analogies are made throughout the exhibit with the movie, accompanied by documents and manuscripts from Kubrick himself, in order to see a correlation between man and machine. 10 Questions create the structure of the narrative which bring out important and relevant questions about intelligence, both biological and artificial. A fascinating look at the beginnings of it all and a discussion about its future.

WHEN: Until 17th February
WHERE: Calle de Funcarral, 3
LINK: Espacio Telefonica



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