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Why LW?

LocoWeekend has been managing Instagram accounts for SMEs since 2015, from bars, to restaurants, clubs and other businesses, for the English, Spanish and French markets.

Benefits of contracting our services:

  1. We Increase your followers with a strong, receptive community of fans and potential clients! 
  2. A strong identity and presence online, that helps cement your reputation and attract new customers, while also inciting returning customers to come back more often. 
  3. The MGMT and Uploading of content is entirely taken care of by us. 
  4. We write eye catching and fun texts and include high quality photography. 
  5. We strategically use hashtags and engagement to attract the widest and most relevant audience

How does it Work?

  1. You fill in the monthly calendar with all of your upcoming events, from wine tastings, to daily happy hours, Christmas dinners etc… 
  2. We take all the pictures. 
  3. We design illustrations for the events.
  4. You communicate within a week if there are any new or special occasions you want to diffuse or change. 
  5. We take care of all the rest.

As of November 2018*

Posts Uploaded
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We Make Your Social Pages Functional, Practical and Fun!

Social pages are as important, if not more than webpages nowadays. You can track your audience better, modify the pages easily and control the users experience. We make your pages like calling cards, halls of fame and window shops.

Most Popular

Social Media MGMT

139 /month + I.V.A.
3 months= 354,45€ (+ i.v.a.) instead of 417€
  • Each Post in 2 Languages
  • 5 Posts/week
  • 15 Photos
  • 10 Illustrations
  • Creation of Hashtags (incentives)
  • Promo of Events
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • White Hat
  • Inclusion in our Magazine
  • IG Highlights
  • Inclusion in Our Magazine as Collaborators