We’ve been reading a lot about this recently, Madrid is finally following in the footsteps of other capitals around the world that are nowhere near any coast. Paris Plages were the trend setters back in 2002, with the artificial beach by La Seine for those either living or visiting the hot capital. London followed suit with Camden Beach, Greenwich Beach and more. Sure Madrid has Madrid in Rio, but this new addition to the city over the summer will be in the centre. Plaza Colón will be home to MadBeach. With artificial wave pools, volleyball courts, and other obvious things you would relate to the beach, or Top Gun. Divided up into three parts: one for children, one families, and another one being the chill-out area.

The Ant Company want to charge 2 different tariffs: 9€ for the whole day, and 5€ for half a day.

Now we’re hoping we are not jumping the gun here, as the project is pending the license approval. But so far in the game, we can only hope it goes through, and we’ll have a chill out place to go during the hot, hot days of Madrid this summer.


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