Open House Madrid 2018

Madrid opens its doors to show you its history!


What makes a city, or a town? Is it the culture? The food? The people? The football team? These things are not necessarily permanent, and are constantly changing, evolving and morphing. But what about the architecture of a city? Isn’t that the skeleton, the permeant outlines that we have to adapt to and grow within? The four walls that allow growth, but also restrict it. These buildings have been through centuries of history, they’ve seen and housed generations after generations. Survived wars and inspired thousands, maybe even millions.

Open House Madrid 2018

Whether we realise it or not, architecture and the buildings that surround our daily lives affect our moods, our mind set and feelings. The concrete we use to shelter ourselves from the weather, and where we raise families, build businesses, sleep and work in should be treasured, or at least acknowledged more.

For this reason, Madrid has Open House Madrid once a year, where 70 historical buildings open their doors to the public.  Giving us a feel and understanding of the importance they’ve had in Madrid’s history!

The 29th and 30th will be opened-doors for anyone curious to know Madrid more intimately. For more info check their webpage out!


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