30 years ago, a Frenchman by the name of François Pasquier and a group of friends innovated the concept of “Le Dîner en Blanc” in Paris. and as one might assume, it is a dinner in white. With the simple idea of a gathering amongst people, all unified by the colour of their clothing, and a shared picnic in a secret location. Having appeared in Paris’ most picturesque of places, including: Versailles, The Eiffel Tower, The Ponts des Arts and many more, it has spread to other grandiose and beautiful capitals around the world, and this year it’s Madrid’s turn. Over three decades later, and LDeB manages to lure over 10,000 participants per dinner.

Being french and regarding dinner, it’s safe to say that a certain Etiquette is expecting in order to participate. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, this is a night to enjoy a chic Picnic as refined as can be, while enjoying the beauty of the city you live in.

To get a better idea of what is to be expected, try thinking back at movie’s like My Fair Lady, la ‘haute societe” enjoying a very elegant picnic at a beautiful green Parisienne Park. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, recalled by some previous participants as “dream-like” and “magical”.

In attendance this year will be a former MasterChef Participant: Fabio, who will be in charge of making sure each basket is a true delight, and respects the expected standards for the event.

In order to be able to participate in this year’s edition, like every previous one, one must be invited by one of the few hosts, or add themselves to the waiting list. All links needed for those interested in this magical night are at the bottom. The Location is kept a secret until the last minute, so if you are accept, you’ll receive the information accordingly!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Event:

1)Is it Legal?
Although taking place in cities without authorization, over the space of three decades, cities have more than welcomed this event. With the clean and stylish image, it helps promote cities as a cool, stylish Metropolis! All local hosts are required to acquire all proper authorizations, permits and insurances beforehand

2)How can I Participate?
One can register by being part of the Leaders or Hosts personal network, and/or being invited by them. Or adding themselves to the waiting list on their webpage.

3)Can I not attend even if i’ve been approved?
Such an exclusive event, once your registration is confirmed, you participation becomes automatically mandatory. You make your way to the secret location by charter bus, and must imperitavely bring all of your belongings and trash with you once the event is over.

4)Can I wear something that isn’t white?
No, White is a must! In order to maintain the pristine image of the event, no beige, or even off-white is accepted.

Nous espérons vous y voir!

Web: Le Dîner en Blanc


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