A visual medium that has conveyed societal values and beliefs, representing the people and mindsets of it time, challenged political and moral viewpoints, while giving the viewers a sense of escapism, taking us on a journey that engraves itself in our minds and accompanies us throughout our childhoods and lives. Film has been and will always be such an important art form, that it’s important to remember its impact on us, as people. And so Madrid is currently hosting 3 days of film celebration. During these three days, movie-goers have the chance of watching films at

From light-hearted comedies for the kids and family like The Incredibles 2, to politically-charged dramas like the Ted Kennedy Scandal, religious documentaries like Pope Francis (not the Nun), scary movies about religious community members that will have you jumping out of your seat (The Nun, Not the documentary.. can be confusing) and many more, the price of a ticket is just a fraction of what you normally pay, so it’s a great little treat for you, your friend, significant other or family member.

All you need to do is sign up on their webpage, and pick a movie. Enjoy.


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