A Tobacco Factory and a SlaughterHouse

A repurposed space for art, expression, creativity and love.


What sound like the last two places on earth you would go to appreciate art, an old Tobacco Factory and old Slaughterhouse are now home to some of the most creative artists around. Believe it or not, no matter how negative the history of a building, when completely stripped to the bone actually serve as perfect places to exhibit art.
The high ceilings, and bare walls serve as a perfect canvas on which artist have the freedom to express their thoughts and feelings, for us to appreciate and interpret.

Tabacalera has been home to many up and coming artists, painters, photographers and more. With 5 different rooms each dedicated to one particular style, or level or art, you are bound to find one of many shows and exhibits to choose from that you will love. A truly unique setting for the display of art.
Metro: Lavapiés

Espacio16. Matadero Madrid.Sala 3

As the name would indicate, this used to be a Slaughterhouse from 1911 to 1996 and which point it was then converted to an arts centre, a place for artistic creation and expression. What makes this place particularly interesting is its layout. Initially designed for full practicality in the slaughter world, you find yourself going on what seems like quite the expedition from one end to the other.

On one hand you have a factory mass producing cigarettes, cigars, snoos, and, which we can all agree at this point, have a detrimental affect on your health,
and on the other, a place of mistreating animals in the worst conditions for us to consume meat. ANd not that healthy if you consider all the studies exposing use of antibiotics, hormones, and cutting out cancerous tumours form the same meat sold on the shelfes.
Rather than eradicating these places, it’s nice to see them repurposed for good.
Consider them


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