Over the past years there as been a clear shift towards a healthier lifestyle, cigarette ads are banned, people know the detrimental effects of fast food chains, and processed foods, the internet has open the gates to all the information you need or look for, so people are more knowledgeable  and in control of what they consume. Instagram has given the people a platform on which they can ‘show off’ their exercise routines and diet. It’s become somewhat of a trend and obsession, for the better. 

Although people have more control over what they eat at home, there’s still a stigma surrounding ‘eating-out’. Many factors come into play as to why this is.
Price is a big one. How many times have you been to a restaurant and seen 2 options on the menu, one being a healthy protein based grilled fish, at 17€, and the other being a much cheaper, and unhealthier pasta creamed-based dish at only 8€, what is the likelihood you allow yourself “just one unhealthy dish, just this once”. What if you don’t want to affect the balance of your diet? What if it isn’t your cheat day, but you still want to eat-out, without breaking the bank? Well this is where HonestGreens comes into play. Not only does their food contain everything good for you, but it’s at a price that puts itself in it’s own category. Think of it as a fast food restaurants, for its timely delivery, but also its cost, for under 10 euros you will be replenished, and

The simplicity of how everything works here is one of the many great things about this place.
You’re offered two base options: Garden Bowl or Market Plate.
-The latter being a vinaigrette salad with basil and lemon, a 7-seeded bread with coco butter, to which you add a protein, be it Chicken, Beef, Tuna, Falafel or Tofu, and then extra sauce of your liking.
-The Former is, as you would imagine, a bowl of various salads you can choose from, made from the freshest seasonal ingredients, from avocado to goat’s cheese and watermelon, you’ll find it hard to settle on just one. Just like the Market Plate, you add your protein, be it meat, fish vegetarian or vegan

The staff are so professional and friendly that you won’t hesitate to ask them for their opinion in order to make the best choice, whichever ones you don’t go for, you’ll find yourself coming back to to try.

While of course catering to the popular demand for beer and vermut in Madrid, HonestGreens also offers some fresh, organic, healthy homemade infused waters with free refills. Again, there’s no need to resort to fattening, unhealthy options to satisfy your pallet and stomach. We recommend you stick to the healthy option, and choose from some of their fresh, homemade infused waters with the option of refills.

You can also choose from their Fresh Juices, retaining all of their minerals and vitamins, the cool drinks on offer are all equally as amazing, with warming names like Happiness (ginger, lemon, apple), Relaxation (spinach, avocado, apple, lime, carrots and other great ingredients), Power (broccoli, courgette, cabbage and more)… the list goes on. Whichever you choose, each drink contains 1kg of fruit and/or vegetables, so you’ll definitely be getting your 5-a-day.

For The Sweet Teeth
And last but not least! The Desserts. That’s right, it is possible to have desserts in a healthy food restaurant. And we’re not talking about overly sweet (be it delicious) desserts that you love while eating, but hate yourself after the fact. We’re talking about HonestGreens here, so you know by now that it’s going to be a delicious AND healthy dessert, and that’s exactly what they are. From Cheese Cake to Apple Crumble, you’re not short for choice. If the words haven’t convinced you, just look at the picture!

We’re happy places like HonestGreens are setting a precedent and a good example for others to follow, showing people they don’t have to spend money to eat healthy, or sacrifice their diets in order to eat out. Many are following in their footsteps, and we hope more are to come! Let the revolution begin!

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Webpage: HonestGreens.com


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