Madrid is well known for attracting an international community and making the capital their home, bringing their culture and food with them, to create a fusion that can only be found here. This constant stream of newcomers from all over has influenced the local cuisine and is a joy to any foodie who wants to try new things, always exploring and discovering the world through taste. A travelling experience that doesn’t require you to leave the city.

The Latino community that resides in this city is one of the largest in the world, and has undoubtedly influenced the emergence of places like the PICABOCA: a place to savour the Latino and Spanish fusion with its versions of sandwiches and burgers Dominican style.

Picaboca Madrid

Being from the Dominican Republic, they surprisingly master their Spanish dishes, such as the Croquettes, which is presented in a unique way, not only being a delight to the palette, but visually satisfying. Accompanied by homemade sauces that elevate the dish to a whole new level.

Meat in Latin America is usually made in casseroles, marinated and prepared over the course of a few hours, giving a succulent and unbeatable flavour with a texture to match. Strong tastes which melt in your mouth.

Plantain is a very common ingredient used with many variations in this part of the world and Picaboca make the best “aplatanao” which is a sort of flattened plantain toast, used as a bed for the meat on top, like a taco made of plantain. The mix of ingredients on top of this base is meticulously layered to offer a real taste experience. The pulled pork is a stand-out.

Picaboca Madrid

One of the other great things about Picaboca, is that they offer a wide variety of spices, real spice! If you’re a spice-head, which we are, and you’re craving that kick that lacks in Spain, then this is your place. For those who know about spices, you’ll be pleased to know that here you can find the Carolina Reaper, the top of the Scoleville chart. Not for the faint of heart. Picaboca will test your resistance level, while simultaneously thrilling your palette.

Mama Juana Sweet

It is definitely a place that satisfies your hunger (the portions are plentiful and more than generous) with exotic flavours made fresh on a daily base (zero tolerance for frozen food) with the family recipes of childhood lived in the Dominican Republic, made with delicacy, dedication and love of true chef!

Recommended Dishes:
Sandwich – El Favorito de Mario – Pulled Pork
Croquetas – Homemade Jamón Ibérico
Hamburger – Alquimia – Carne Picada
Mama Juana Sweet – Delicious Dessert

If you look them up online and see the name The Sandwich Factory, that’s just the old name! Picaboca are there and we reckon for a long time to come!

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