Some restaurants rely on image attract customers, others on location, some rely on a name, or a chain, and others know that their food speaks for itself. Massa is what it sounds like, a place where the focus is on the base, the foundation on which the rest is added. With deliciously fresh ingredients to choose as toppings, a delectable wine list to accompany, and their famously sought out desserts!

In the oh-so trendy neighbourhood of Chueca, A pizzería with a mediterranean touch focuses on producing artisanal pizza, with care and love put into each process, from the fermenting of the dough, to the final touches before served to the guests. It’s not the toppings that make the pizza, it’s the dough, the crust, the basis. If that isn’t done to perfection, then you can put any topping your want, and it’s just not going to save it.

Cozy with a great atmosphere.
Massa Pizza

Massa know this, simple and unpretentious, their menu has, of course the all-time traditional such as the Margarita or Six cheeses, but having nailed the essential, they also offer more gourmet and special toppings, after all, they’ve proven worthy. If you’re feeling more adventurous you can go for the the Butifarra, with tomato, white sausage, mozzarella, provolone, red onion confit and chili pepper. And for the most daring, Sobrasada, with spicy sobrasada, taleggio, Mahon cheese, honey and thyme.

Massa Pizza

Another of its strengths are its drinks, with jugs (limoná madrileña, Pisco-Punch or its British Pimm’s) and cocktails (Disaronno Sour, Gin Fizz, passion fruit Caipirinha …) that are the perfect excuse to meet up with friends or family and let loose. The menu also has a number of starters, among which some more classic ones such as chicken croquettes with soy, broken eggs with truffles, baos or hummus are good options to choose between your starters and final punch, you can choose between the carrot cake, the oreo glass, the chocolate mousse with condensed milk or the Panna Cotta. (insert drooling emoji here…).

A strong contender for one of the best pizzas in Madrid! Check out their website HERE!


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