Kitchen154 not only brings delightful foods from Asia, combining them in a tasty, broad yet compact menu, with dishes from the Phillippines, Bangladesh, Thailand, Korea and many more, but is also the perfect place for anyone who loves Spice!
Spicy food isn’t easy to come by in Spain, as the Peninsula palette hasn’t evolved to stand, and love it as much as countries such as England, where the Asian immigration is so strong, their food has basically become ours too! The most popular dish in the UK is undoubtedly the curry. But K154 breaks that barrier, and offers its customers a real treat! Of course, there are various levels of Spice on offer here, for the most trepid, to the bravest, and to the outright fearless.

Kitchen 154

We visited one of their successful restaurants in Malasaña, on Calle Ruiz, and are impressed by how consistent they are when it comes to the quality of food, service, and atmosphere!

The cozy, two-floored restaurant gives off a warm vibe, where you’re sat beside the open kitchen, amongst colourful decor, amazing aromas, and one of the best Spotify playlists we’ve heard in a while (they have fun, thematic playlists like 80’s Woman Power, Brexit pop and many more). It feels like you’re in the middle of the process, from ordering, to the cooking and eating. There is a floor below however, for a more intimate experience. 

As mentioned before, the menu offers a wide variety of dishes, with some interesting Fusions.From the delicious Nepalese-styled Dumplings as a starter to the various curries as a main, or even the classics, like the succulent ribs, Korean-style. If you have room for more after all of that, you can try their sweet desserts! And wash it all down with some great beer. This is definitely somewhere you will want to stop by at for lunch or dinner.