Hot Now is a fitting name, as it’s fast becoming THE place to go in Madrid for Pizza and craft Beer. This extremely hip venue is home to deliciously fresh ingredients, refreshing craft beer and honestly… some of the best pizza we’ve had in a long time.

The Burrata is 100% Italian, with a tangerine jam mixed with Yuzu, which is a Japanese lemon-like citrus fruit, sealed with salt flakes, olive oil, pepper and basil leaves… ehm… delicious? As you cut through the burrata, you’re hit with the stracciatella, accompanied by Focaccia. The fact that ingredients are so fresh and authentic is the first great thing about this starter, the other is the thought put into it (something that spans across every dish they make). The little details and touches that elevate a simple starter into the stratosphere, while not over saturating or overcomplicating it..

Next we have the Prawn Rolls… served with tiger milk, combined with 3 types of lemons with vegetable and animal protein, a yellow pepper paste (fun to say) is added in order to give it a bit of a spicy kick and give the sauce more character. Finished with red onion, an avocado emulsion, jalapeño, and radishes and cilantro. Again, a simple dish with layers of well thought-out addition which just make it so much more than it appears.

Stuffed yet? Well we hope not, because it’s pizza time. Their Napolitano-styled pizza has a crunchy texture, with its principal base made of pistachio cream with 10% pesto and covered in carpaccio-styled courgette (or zucchini to our American readers), Panko (another Asian ingredient which takes it all to another level) and a tomato confit to absorb the water of the courgini (yep, that’s a thing now).
You can wash this all down with an amazing selection of Craft Beers like Colonel Mustard, and make way for the dessert.

So far we haven’t met a single person who hasn’t loved HotNow, be it for it’s food, the atmosphere or the service, they’re really exceeding and it’s great to have a place like this to go to when you’re hungry, or want to socialise. Mugatu would be proud.


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