Once again, Madrid once again becomes the world capital of gastronomy through a festival promoted by the City Council and Madrid Fusión and in which more than 500 establishments collaborate, among which there are not only restaurants, bars and bars, but also markets, shops, bookstores, cinemas, theatres and museums. The reason that from the beginning encouraged us to incorporate spaces of all kinds in the program was our conviction that gastronomy is a total art – and we refer to it clearly as art – that appeals to the five senses, that is, to taste and Smell of course, but also insight, touch and, why not? the ear.

In this edition, there will be special offers in restaurants, such as those proposed in the section “Culinary history of Madrid: Traditional restaurants”, in collaboration with the Madrid Gastronomy Association, or the “5-star menus” and the bars of “Degustatapas”, With the support of Mahou, a beer founded in Madrid in 1890. In that same year, Galdós had already written some of his best novels, among which are Fortunata and Jacinta or La de Bringas, but he still had 30 years to live. In 2020 we will remember the great writer – undoubtedly one of the most prominent of all time in the Castilian language – in the first centenary of his death through different events.

The section “Gastroculture” joins this commemoration with an activity that will take place in the Circle of Fine Arts and that will illustrate us about the many culinary references that are in the work of the great writer, probably the novelist who best knew how to portray society Madrid of the late nineteenth century. The municipal markets continue to occupy a special role in programming because it is in their fishmongers, butchers, greengrocers and deli where the total art of gastronomy almost always begins. And almost the opposite can be said of mixology, a discipline dedicated to the creation of cocktails with which many dinners are usually crowned with family, friends and colleagues. The dimension


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