Bresca is a little taste of Bologna right in the heart of Madrid! This lovely little restaurant brings the flavour and feel of Italy’s gastronomic history to town. As you walk into this charming place, your eyes and taste buds are taken on a one-way ticket to Italy. The ingredients are as fresh as can get, and you can tell the pride and care the owner takes into bringing the best and freshest food, for the best of experiences.

“if we had to pick two of their strong points, it would be their Tigelle and their Craft beer.”

The Tigelle: which are breads made with water, wheat flour and brewer’s yeast, are filled with the best sausages, cheeses and/or vegetables which will have you wanting more and more. For those of you who don’t know what Tigelle are, this is the place to try it and fall in love with it. But don’t overdo it, that’s just the starter.

“Go to Bologna without having to leave Madrid!”

The salads are fresh, colourful and very well-seasoned, the pastas are incomparable and as delicious as you would expect them to be, straight from Italy.

Accompanied by a simple but authentic wine list and of course, the already famous Bresca Craft Beer made in-house. And if you just fancy a little snack, you can always have their Tigelle with a Spritz at highly reasonable prices! Go to Bologna without having to leave Madrid!


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