Following an increase in healthy options in (the world of dining out) restaurants, more and more places are popping up, to the delight of the people of Madrid, offering dishes that are not only delicious but very good for you body, health and mind. Right in the square of Juan Pujol, in Malasaña, the already popular and loved restaurant “Avocado love” has opened its doors.

Taking inspiration from other successful, avocado-based restaurants already creating a buzz around the world, AL has started off on a very strong foot. With a very tasty menu, a beautiful and chilled decor and atmosphere, a knowledgable staff eager to walk you through the menu, this place seems to tick all the boxes for a top-notch restaurant.

The unique thing about this place is the omnipresent use of avocado in each and every dish, from the starters through to the main, and even the desserts! With an ever-evolving menu, they constantly show just how tasty the avocado can be, completely re-inventing the tasty fruit. Tofu isn’t on the menu here, instead, the experts in the kitchen use hundreds of other ingredients, and offer a gastronomical experience not had that often.

During the day you can choose their menu which consists of 4 dishes, and a highly refreshing cold tea. With slight variations over the days, you’re at least guaranteed to be served great dishes, all light-hearted, tasty and healthy.

One of the stand-out starters, and an absolute must when visiting Avocado Love is their Grilled Avocado! with a curry chili filling, passion fruit, and a sweet-and-sour twang, you’ll instantly be immersed in what makes this restaurant so good! The creativity and complexity of tastes in what, to the eye, initially seems basic, then hits you with all these layers of flavour!

Their star-main is their vegan burger which consists of over 30 different ingredients, yet again, perfectly combining them all, giving the customer something they’ve never really had before!

If you have room for more, you can have one of their delicious desserts! Including the Lime and Avocado Cheesecake, or even the Caramelised Banana with Avocado Ice-Cream. And if like us, this is the first you’ve ever heard of Avocado in a dessert, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good it is.

You can tell this restaurant isn’t just trying to offer a gimmick, but are true believers in the health benefits, and industrial change the vegan way can bring to our world! You’ll leave with a full stomach and an easy conscience.


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