Lichtenstein was classically trained and mastered many techniques and styles of painting that many to this day would struggle to master. Mostly remembered for being one of the fathers of Pop Art and the master of the dotting technique. His colourful comic vignettes portrayed either brave, emotionless soldiers in dogfights during WW2, or 1960’s picture-perfect couples crying and sobbing over tedious relationship issues.

Although not the innovator of the dotting technique, he became the master of it, using colour and size to control depth and shades, at first glance his art may seem basic, but it’s far from it. Behind the pristine, clean exterior, lies complexity and great aptitude. Fundación Canal de Isabel II is putting 72 posters of his art on display for free, until January. Perfect for any appreciator of Lichtenstein’s work and/or Pop Art.

WHEN: now-January 5th
WHERE: Calle Mateo Inurria, 2


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