If you live in, visit, or simply love Madrid, and are between the ages of 0 to 100 years old (and older… which, if the case, impressive) then you can participate in this great visual competition/exhibition. This will be the first piece of art constantly changing, which will show the great city of Madrid through the numerous eyes, perspectives and expressions of the people that know it well. 

This video installation will be available to the public between the 3rd and 26th of April 2020, in Conde Duque. This collective artistic creation will be shaped by the videos received and submitted through the official webpage that respect and abide by the rules and regulations. The video must be no longer than 3 minutes, or no bigger than 500MG in weight. Once these basic steps have been followers, the content is up to the participant, as long as it represents an aspect of Madrid. Whether it be daily life, quirks, fun or sad, true or abstract, political or of leisure. The story can be personal, objective, collective. Whichever way you see Madrid, that’s the way REACTION wants to see it. 

To encourage as many people to participate, prizes will be given out, such as a trip for two to Rome, or gym memberships etc… The deadline to submit your video will be the 28th of February 2020.