Metro de Madrid will be open on weekends until 2.30 pm from now on! 60 minutes later than until now. The announcement was made by the regional vice president Ignacio Aguado, who says that at the end of the legislature -2023- the suburban will stay open all night on Fridays and Saturdays, as Cs committed in the last election campaign.

As usual on Tuesdays before the meeting of the Governing Council, the leader of the ‘orange’ formation previously informs unilaterally through a means of communication of a measure that will launch the coalition he shares with the PP. This time it was in an interview in ’20 minutes’, a message that was later accompanied by a tweet with a video.

They explain that the opening of the Metro at night on weekends will be done in three phases: the first, in 2020, with the extension of the closing hours from 1.30am to 2.30am; the second, advancing the opening hours from 6am to 5am and, finally, providing uninterrupted service both Friday and Saturday.

Cs, on whom the Ministry of Transportation depends, estimates that the initial extension will benefit 1,100,000 travelers a year and will cost nine million euros. With the passage of trains continued for 48 hours a week as early as 2023, the suburban may use an additional 3,500,000 users, with an investment of “no more than 40 million.”