After what feels like a year? a month? a lifetime? going back and forth, from lockdown to none, to lockdown 2.0, to a lost summer, social distancing which caused more distance than merely on a social level… a waste of a year, where no music was to be heard, no bands to see, no people to meet, no afternoons in the sun. But fear not! A glimmer of hope today with a promise of everything we craved for last summer… a Festival! And not just any festival… MadCool 2021!

The festival has announced new headliners for their 4-day Festival in July 2021!!! From amazing bands that have been a part of our lives since childhood like Placebo, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pixies and more… to bands that have only been introduced to us a few years ago, but are already solidified amongst the other like The War on Drugs, Alt-J, Haim, Parcels, Editors, Major Lazer…. and then artists you wished you never knew like Card… Anyway, the festival will be amazing! Like cows being released into the field in Spring after a cold winter spent inside.