When you think of Hostels you tend to picture overcrowded rooms, with very minimalistic features, not much security.. just a place to crash for cheap as you travel. Bastardos however is putting that preconception to the chest and completely redefining the hostel experience. Not only have they very cleverly laid out their rooms giving you as much privacy possible, they also have many types to choose from. From big groups, to smaller ones, to families, and even couples, it feels more like a hotel than a hostel. But what makes them even more special is the sense of community they create through events, gigs and more.

If you’re noticed in the last year or so, pages like Airbnb and TripAdvisor are strongly pushing guided tours, and other experience-driven activities for it’s lodgers and . People are no longer just looking for a place to sleep, but they want an experience, they want to mingle with other travellers, and create unforgettable moments of their trips. This new style of traveller has not only made the big names in the hotel and hostel industry, but has also made way for a new, evolved hostel.

The “Poshtel” was first coined back in 2017: a re-imagined, re-invented hostel that not only provides the guests with a wide variety of different rooms to suit any preference (from big groups, to smaller ones, family rooms, private rooms, and even suites with terraces), but strongly emphasises the activity side of things. Offering the guests concerts, DJ sessions, Dance classes, tastings.

A great example of one of the first innovators of this hybrid, communal focused hostel is Urban House, in Denmark’s cool capital. This is so much more than a hostel, housing different rooms as mentioned before, but also a bike shop, a tattoo parlour and more, also giving free guided tours to its Lodgers. This kind of hostel also attracts locals, which is what makes it that much more special, a place of meeting, gathering and community building.

Following in these footsteps and offering Madrid a much needed breath of fresh air in the hotelier sector, like it’s International predecessors, Bastardos is re-inventing the hostel experience. With a daily line-up of activities, events, poetry nights, classes, workshops and more, it attracts locals as much as it does travellers. They understand the importance of the creating an experience rather than simply offering cheap lodging. In their words ‘their space is to be enjoyed’, and that is easily done when so much is going on. From swing parties (the dancing), to artistic window dressing, to yoga classes on their terrace, DJ sessions to dance to, great bar and delicious restaurant (Limbo), this is a place you can come to for 20 different reasons.

At a time when regulation seems to try it’s best to suffocate evolution (cabify in Madrid, Airbnb in Barcelona etc…) It’s good to see that there is a space for Hostels like Bastardo to offer lodging at the price of a hostel, but offering the experience of a luxury hotel in many ways).

Their QR key system brings us back to London, their exposed kitchen reminds us of Japan, and the sense of community is the perfect gelling of all nationalities and age groups.

If we told you that you could go to a trendy looking bar, with great electro music in the background, a friendly service and great drinks? Would you think hostel?
What about genuine charcoal cooked meats, done then and there in front of the customers? With homemade marinades that give the food its distinct taste? Does that sound like a hostel? Or a fancy restaurant?

Bastardo has broken the divide of hostel and fancy hotel, and offers you all of the best, but at a price your average student backpacker can offered.

The restaurant Limbo, is spacious and vibrant, with big tables sitting friends, families, small groups and big ones. The level of attention in every aspect, from the preparation and presentation of the food, to the highly amicable and professional staff instantly make you feel like you’re in a perfect version of what a restaurant should be.
The burgers are great, the meat is delicious, and they are more than happy to change any ingredient to satisfy people’s allergies or preferences. It’s not something you see that much, but it’s good to know Bastardo also aces that aspect of the experience.

The foreseeable future looks to be a great one for all travellers, those on the bigger and lower end of budgeting. Money is no longer an issue, elitism doesn’t mean anything, and anyone who wishes to come can do so and enjoy what is really important when you travel, the people you meet along the way, and the experience. Change is now!


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