Sundays are loved by many, and for many different reasons. Some people see sundays as a resting day, after a long week of work, and an intense Friday and Staturday of partying. Others reserve their Sundays for family, a time to bring everyone together and enjoy a hearty meal. Many consider it a sport day, where you meet up with friends and watch the game while drinking beer. But for the next 5 Sundays in Madrid, we know that Brunch in the park will be what people look forward to.

credit: Brunch in the Park Facebook

What is Brunch in the Park? let’s put it this way: dancing, sun, techno galore, great artists from around the world, Sunday afternoon til night…. Oh and there’s a kiddy area for families too.

Brunch in the Park is already an established event in Barcelona, Madrid, and this year also in Valencia. It’s known for giving people everything a festival gives you: from the music, to the people, the freedom and fun of letting go. People leave everything behind and just dance in the sun. Food trucks provide some delicious food, from burgers, to arepas, to asian, and vegan options.

Petit Brunch offers a space for families and children to play and have fun, while also being able to take park in this techno celebration.

The space is vast, and caters for those who want to be in the midst of the party, and also those that want to lay in the grass and chat. You can dip in and out whenever you feel like it.The line-up this year is a great one, from Dixon to Tiga, Michael Mayer, Marvin and Guy, Derrick May, Gui Boratto and many more!


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