When the conversation of Hamburgers is had, the thought of fast food may come to mind, somewhat unhealthy, frozen meat, served at a fast paste, giving a short-lived satisfaction but a sense of regret after the fact. But Bentleys has put the preconception to rest and offers one of the, if not the, freshest and tastiest burgers you will have in Madrid! Over the last couple of years, a surge of gourmet burger joints offer more sophisticated experiences to its customers, Five Guys recreates the American fast diner feel, Goiko blends the American taste with a European feel, but Bentleys manages to offer all of the above and more, standing out from its peers and giving you something you won’t find anywhere else.

Bentleys Burgers Madrid

If you’ve ever seen shows on TV like “Man Vs Food”, then you’re quite familiar with how some American restaurants create food challenges, as a way of inciting more business, but also to make a name for themselves in food’s history. Challenges vary, but the essence is basically to eat X amount of food in Y amount of time, and the winner gets to be immortalised on their wall of victorious challengers. A t-shirt is always provided as a symbol of said victory. If they don’t win however, they join the extensive list of fallen heroes, but earn the right to say “I tried it”. It’s something fun, that you could do just to be able to say to your friends that you did it! It always felt so surreal to see it on telly, and you think only in America, but Bentleys has brought that sense of fun and challenge to Madrid!

Bentleys Burgers Madrid

The burgers here are no joking matter. You can only respect the towering paddies, adorned with sauces, cheese, onion rings and more, as you’re presented with the tallest, most succulent burger you’ve seen this side of the Atlantic. From classics to gourmet, to premiums, there’s a hamburger here for any taste, and any appetite! From jalapeños, to red onions, mushroom, extra cheese, to brie, egg and even vegetarian, you’d have to go there at least 40 times to try everything they have, and you just might do it. The first impression you get once you enter one of the 5 Bentleys in town, is a warm feeling.  A sense of welcome and embrace, coming from a mix of their very laid-back, surfer chic decor, to their extremely friendly staff. Quality is key here, and it’s plain to see in every aspect. One “downfall” would be that you wait a bit longer for your food, but in a day and age where we expect everything instantly, it’s nice to reprogram our minds, and just enjoy life, and the wait is absolutely worth it.

Bentleys Burger Madrid

Bentley isn’t just a hamburger joint, it’s a place that prides itself in giving you the best experience possible, a real restaurant that puts effort into every aspect of your eating experience, giving a sense of true welcome and respect, by offering you the freshest ingredients, in the nicest of restaurants, with the best of service. A place where you can go knowing that the food will be great, and you will have a good time. It’s somewhere you can go amongst friends, family, work colleagues and even alone, and you’ll want to repeat.
Bentleys has set the bar high in Madrid for Burgers, very high indeed!

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Photography by Rey Morales.