Having just kicked off their ‘Everything Now’ tour a few days ago, and having already made a splash with a surprise shared performance with Jarvis Cocker, formerly from Pulp, Arcade Fire will be playing here in Madrid on Tuesday 24th April, 2018 at the Wizink Centre. Having already started with a Bang at Wembley Stadium, the band have an crammed schedule covering most of Europe’s main capitals and cities. This is their 5th Album, receiving praise by critics, they are bringing an upbeat fresh sound, having produced some tracks with the legendary Thomas Bangalter, from the duo Daft Punk. Moving in a ever more electronic dance sound, they have evolved substantially since their first album, Funeral in 2004 and subsequently Neon Bible, back in 2007. To think this band has already been around for nearly 15 years is mind boggling. But it’s nice to see they are keeping relevant, and still offering us some great classics with a more experimental touch. Even if this album may not be one of your favourites, AF will be playing some of their earlier smash hits like “Rebellion Lies”, “Keep The Car Running” and many more.


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