Books and Coffee, an amazing combination especially when you can read from a wide selection of books in different languages, of all genres.. in a coffeeshop, or have a coffee in a library. It’s a combination like few other, and luckily, there isn’t a shortage of them in Spain’s Capital, Madrid. This is a list of the places where you’re welcome to take your time, enjoy a coffee, a drink, even food, and read to your hearts content. Here are 3 Bookstore Coffeeshops in Madrid.

4. La Fugitiva

La Fugitiva Madrid

La Fugitiva is a bookstore café unlike any other, the distinct smell of books, the countless collections of literature, vinyl and art will keep your mind busy as you enjoy a hot coffee and cake. A perfect place for anyone looking to lose themselves amongst towering shelves of paper, whether you go to read, study or simply have coffee alone or with friends, there’s always something going on in this little gem of a place!
?Antón Martín
⏰Tue-Fri:10am-10pm/ Sat-Sun: 11am-10pm


3. Tipos Infames

Tipos Infames Madrid

Second entry for the best bookstore cafés in Madrid! Very close to the emblematic square of San Ildefonso, we find a diaphanous space, with white walls like paper that invites you to sit down and have a glass of wine or a coffee while surrounding by books and art. Here is a place for bookworms and wine lovers, a perfect combination if you ask me.. It feels like you’re in a minimalist gallery somewhere in Holland, with a great collection of books, and a selection of wine for the most amateurish, to the more-knowledgeable of drinkers. A special place you’ll quickly fall in love with.
⏰Mon-Fri: 11am/3pm- 5pm/10.30pm

2. J&J Books and Coffee

J&J Books and Coffee

Specialised in second-hand English books, and bagels, J&J Books’s layout is a great one. With high tables running along the corridor of books, you’re in the middle a long passageway of literature. With a selection of over 1000 books, you can come here knowing you will find something to read, and if not, you can definitely stay for homemade bagels, great coffees and drinks, and also occasional events, like quiz nights, readings and more!
⏰Mon-Thu: 4pm-11.30pm/ Fri:4pm-1.30am/Sat:12pm-11.30pm/Sun:12pm-6pm