When we think about drinking in Madrid in the summer, we think terraces and little squares in a hot concrete jungle. The fact that we’re nowhere close to the coast, can be quite suffocating and over bearing at times. Madrid gets very hot, something reaching 40ºC, and this affects business. As the summers go by though, bars and cafés are starting to introduce awning vaporised sprinklers outside, in order to cool us down, but this is a very small number of bars. But what if we told you there’s another option for drinking in Madrid, which involves breezes, total exposure to the radiant sun, and sometimes even swimming pools?
Welcome to the world of Madrid’s Sky Bars, 10 stories from the ground.

Terraza de Sabatini (Cuesta de San Vicente, 16) Metro: Plaza de España

The first one we’ll mention is where we reckon most tourist will be and where they least expect to find a rooftop terrace, and that’s Sabatini Garden Apartosuites. What makes this a beautiful terrace is the breathtaking views of the Palaces, but also the place to catch the sunsets. What better way to be drinking or eating with family and friends than to be facing the orange sky behind a Palace. It’s slightly on the expensive side, but what do you expect with a view like that. Some say this is the best view in Madrid, and we’re not arguing that it isn’t up there with the best, but there are other terraces with fuller views of Madrid city centre. Next is…
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GinkGo Skybar (Plaza de España, 5) Metro: Plaza de España

Proabably the newest and most definitely lesser known of the bunch due to said novelty, GinkGo Skybar is already establishing itself at the next go-to place in Madrid. It’s clean design outside allows you to focus on what’s most important, the view. Inside however, the design is elegant, new, classy and just a pleasure to be sat in. The drinks are nearly 10 Euros, which is a good price, considering where you are and the view ahead of you. You can find this one in Plaza España just above the …

ME Madrid Reina Sofia (Plaza Sta. Ana, 14) Metro: Antón Martín

The better known of our list would be ME Madrid Reina Sofia, on top of the beautiful white hotel in Plaza Santa Ana. This one has been around for a while, and to this day attracts a large amount of tourists, and for good reason. The chic atmosphere, the service, the drinks, it’s all the perfect backdrop for the night skyline of Madrid. The view is amazing, and the bar is even more so. It’s a bit small, but a must if you’re in town. It’s perfectly situated to begin a night of drinks and fun.


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