Speaking of the Parachutist as a concept store would be limiting, in fact, this Neoclassical building on the Calle de la Palma that from its portal leaves the client speechless is never versatile and innovative. Giving a quick look at the space may seem a modern store, the reality is that this project involves a large number of people who are related to the world of fashion and culture.

From the entrance, what strikes the client / observer is that all the decorations of the space are for sale and you can take them home, besides a few meters from the various shops there is a cinema, in which unconventional films are projected ( classics, author’s cinema and thematic cycles) that can be accessed with a drink that you can drink while watching a movie. Cool, right?

But the experience does not end here. In addition to the reading and relaxing room full of design, fashion and art magazines and an impeccable Nordic minimalist style, the experience continues on the second floor, where we find the store itself, where there are lamps from Álvaro Catalán, furniture from international firms, local crafts and delicatessen of all kinds for the most curious palates, but also sneakers, fashion committed to the environment, bikes and skates, and beauty products for both her and him. Where is the novelty compared to other stores that can be found in the strange neighborhood of Malasaña? Is that here everything that is chosen can be paid through the app “the parachutist” and they take it home

The third floor is characterized by the curated Cuban cocktails, where the visitor feels like in a bar in Havana. The vintage and retro style is also reflected in the perfect workshop terrace to enjoy the particular cocktails offered by the space. And there is more. One level up, we arrive at the rooftop restaurant Parq, with an attractive interior terrace and a panorama that leaves you without a breath where you can eat a vegetarian pizza, a chicken teriyaki or a fresh salad.


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