Why do we love beer? well… it tastes good, it’s refreshing, it makes you feel warm inside, it’s beautiful to look at, it’s limitless in tastes… the list can go on, but before I start writing a love letter to Beer, here’s a list of top 10 places you can find anything from your standard lager to a fruity craft. Which is your favourite place?

1.The one inside the brewery.

2. The one that’s been open since 1892.

3. The one with finger-licking international food.

4. The one that has more beers than you can count.

5. The one with the delicious homemade pizzas.

6. The one for Burger lovers.

7. The one with live music and sports.

8. The one with the best tortilla in town.

9. The one that’s a shop.

10. The one that gives you a free tapa for each caña.


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