Imagine a cosy new bar, that serves craft beer, coffee, and even delicious brownies, surrounded by puppies… Yes, that’s right, I said surrounded by puppies!
This is the new concept of TheDoger Café (Calle los Mesejo, 14), a shared space where dog lovers and puppies looking for a home meet. The way it works is simple, you can choose from 3 options:

1. Brownie with coffee or tea, and 15 minutes with a group of puppies (1 person)
2. Two craft beers and 15 minutes with the pups (2 people)
3. Two craft beers, eggplant Tostada and 25 minutes with the pups (2 people)

You’ll have to book before via the website:

Working in conjunction with various animal groups, this vegetarian bar will have up to 6 puppies at once, and they are all up for grabs if you fall in love and want to adopt one 🙂

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-8pm